Book Review - World War II: An Interactive History Adventure

World War II was a brutal time in Germany and many places in Europe. The Book “World War II” was telling  about many World War II battles and it also tells many ways how you could die in Europe. If you were in World War II the German soldiers were everywhere. They knocked down doors to get Jews to send them to Concentration Camps and sometimes kill them. Also in the book, it said how you could die or the consequences of bad decisions because you are pretending to be a soldier. The missions were brutal and you would never want to live in Europe during World War II.

I really think people should read this book because it's fun to read and it gives lots of information on World War II and the battles and consequences. The book is a choose your adventure book so I think it would be great for kids and it will give them some background info on World War II. For people who have to learn about battles or want to know how you can die in World War II, this would be a smart choice to read this book. I thought the book was fascinating and can be a fun game to play. So pick up this book and start your adventure!

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