Book Review - Winter

The book I read was Winter. Winter was the last book of the Lunar Chronicles by Marrisa Meyer. The genre of this book was a big mix between science fiction, realistic fiction, and fractured fairytales. This book was about all the main characters Cinder, Scarlet, Wolf, Iko, Thorne, Winter, Prince Kai, coming together beat the “villain” Levana. In the beginning of Winter the book starts out in Africa where it soon leads them to New Beijing, The Moon, in space, and in their trusty spaceship the Rampion. I would describe this book as twisting, captivating, futuristic, interesting, dramatic, and well written.
Although Winter is very well written some things are a little to rushed for example they would come up with a plan to defeat Levanna and do that plan too quickly. I really liked how she used different things from the original fairy tales and added them into the story. For example when Winter  [her step daughter] was poisoned you could really make the connection to Snow White.  In my opinion  my favorite detail that she included was the twisted fairytales. This book wrapped up the series pretty well, but I think it would had been better if she added an epilogue so you can tell what it would be like  few years after the battle.

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