Book Review - Spirited Away

Spirited Away is about a girl who is moving. On her way to her new house her dad decides to take a way he thinks will lead them to their new house quicker. Instead of taking them to their new house it takes them to an abandoned train station, when Chihiro’s parents smell food they go and look for a restaurant hoping the place is not fully abandoned. Chihiro is freaked out about her parents stealing the food and tries to make her way back to the car only to be faced with a river where a field used to be. When she goes back to tell her parents she finds them but they have turned into pigs from eating the food they had stolen. She meets another human who is willing to help her from all the spirits in the weird realm.

I personally really liked the book, even though it was only the first one in the series. It was very well illustrated which made it more intriguing. It was definitely not a cliche, it was sort of strange in the pictures but it added to the story to make it original. I would definitely read the other books and watch the movie. Overall it was a really good book.

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