Book Review - Series of Unfortunate Events

I read the Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket. It is about three kids that are getting adopted. Their mom and dad died in a house fire and they have been moved around to to different homes due  to Count Olaf.  Count Olaf is a bad man that wants to steal the kids fortune. They went to their new home and lived with a lady and her name was Aunt Josephine. She was almost afraid of everything. They met a man that was named Captain Sham but to soon find out he was really Count Olaf. One day, the kids found a note and it was from Aunt Josephine .It basically said,  I am going to kill myself and leave you in the hands of Captain Sham. They found out that Aunt Josephine faked her death because one day Captain Sham (Count Olaf) called her and said that if you don't fake your death and run away and leave the kids in care of me, I will kill you. ( he also explained he was Count Olaf).  So doing as what Count Olaf said, Aunt Josephine threw a chair out the window and ran out of the house and went far away to a cave. Aunt Josephine put clues in the note to tell the kids where she was. They went to the cave and got Aunt Josephine and sailed back across the lake (it was during a hurricane).  If you eat right before you get in the lake, leeches will try to eat you!!!!!. Aunt Josephine ate right before going on the boat and the leeches started to sink the boat. Then Captain Sham (Count Olaf ) came in his boat and picked them up ,and that's when he threw Aunt Josephine in the lake and the leeches ate her. When the kids got back they tried to tell Mr. Poe,  the man that does the adoption papers , that Aunt Josephine was  alive  and that Captain Sham is Count Olaf and he killed her. Before Mr. Poe could call the police, he was already gone.

This is a fantastic book and the books keep getting better and better. I rate this book a 10/10 and the series.  I think this book is good for almost any ages. It has great adventures and after each chapter it leaves you wondering. I would encourage everyone to read the series or even watch the shows. (FYI on netflix)

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