Book Review - Red Queen

I did Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard for my report because it was considered a great book by my classmates. This is a science fiction book. I would rate it 100 out of 5 stars. This book takes place in the Kingdom of Norta under the rule of King Tiberias.

The plot was slow paced until it starts hurdling at you. Also, it has a few slow secrets that make the plot thicken.  This book kept me on my toes for the whole book.

Mare’s world is divided into silvers with superpowers and rebellious rebelling reds.  This book has many italics for important proper nouns. This book is in Mare’s point of view. Mare is the main character followed by the evil queen and prince.

This book is one I couldn't put down I just loved and coming from a 6th grade boy expressing this love for a book that only read it because he had to is crazy.

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