Book Review - Perfect

In the book Perfect by Natasha Friend there are two main characters throughout the story, their names are Isabelle and Ashley. There was a couple of different settings in this book: their school, Ashley's house, Isabelle's house, and the group they both went to. When I was reading this book I felt sad whenever they talked about how sad Isabelle's mom is since her dad died. At some parts it was funny, for example when Ashley and Isabelle hung out, their conversations are interesting and sometimes funny, but overall I felt excited to read more.

The big main problem that caused a lot of things in this book was that Isabelle's dad died and ever since that her mom never acted the same. In the book the author made sure to include the point of view from Isabelle, and added all her extra thoughts she had. I think that you should read this book because it shows you how to deal with some hard stuff, and to try new stuff. This book also shows you that anyone could be your friend, and sometimes people aren't as mean as people say they are or how they look. So I give this book a 9 out of 10. It was a great book to read.

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