Book Review - The Magician's Elephant

The magician’s elephant is a book by Kate Dicamillo.  It is very mysterious and adventurous.  The main characters are Peter Augustus Duchene, and his guardian, Vilna Lutz. Another character is the elephant that the magician made come through the roof. The setting is in the city of Baltese, which I think is a place in England. The magician’s elephant is definitely very different from other books.  
My opinion is that it is a good book for people who have trouble reading or read slowly because it’s very easy to read. It is also very interesting and has a good plot. You can see the hint at the problem in the book, which is the elephant falling through the roof.  There were not a lot of complicated words either.  I rated it a four out of five because of all of the above.  If you have trouble reading, or you’re a slow reader, this is the book for you.

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