Book Review - Killer Pizza

The book I read is called Killer Pizza and the author is Greg Taylor. The main characters of Killer Pizza are Toby, Annabel, Strobe, Steve, and Harvey. The main settings of the book are Killer Pizza (the restaurant), MCO (Monster Combat Officer) Training Arena, Hidden Hills, and the forest. The way I would describe the book is it is exciting, fast paced, interesting, and twisting.

The problem of the book is there is a pack of Guttata (monsters) attacking Hidden Hills, and the MCO’s job is to defeat the Alpha Guttata and the rest will flee. What is unique about the book is the layout because all the events make sense and are in the correct order. I loved the book because I liked the twist in the beginning instead of towards the end. I think that other kids should read the book if they are interested in adventure and excitement.

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