Book Review - A Dog's Purpose

I read A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. It was a stunning realistic fiction book that I rate a 4.9 out of 5. In the story you will meet Bailey, who's the dog, Ethan, Hannah, and more memorable characters. This is a present day, hard to put down, heartfelt novel that will leave your eyes watering. But at times you might feel lost, or waiting on the edge of your seat for to long, but it always picks back up.

This book has an interesting point of view, letting you stand in the shoes (or paws) of a adorable, and occasionally clueless pup. This book explored an interesting topic, were the dog was reborn until he (and sometimes she) found his purpose. This book has dashes of comedy, romance (puppy love!), and even action! Prepare the tissue box because this is a beautiful, heartfelt page turner that will leave you begging for more. Me, and many others who have read this novel, will never look a dogs the same way again.

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