Book Review - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The book is about Greg Heffley who is trying to survive middle school. It's always great to see the story from his side. It was fun to read this book because I'm so much different from the main character which made seeing the story from his side even better. It is a fast-paced book it can go from one day to another day in a couple of paragraphs. My favorite part was when those teenagers and made them eat cheese, well only Rowley.
I find it funny that Greg does all these crappy things to Rowley and he still thinks he's the good guy. Greg thinks when he's older he's going to have everything turned out just his way. The only reason he's writing in this diary is because he doesn't want to answer to the public when they ask him questions Because he thinks he's going to go up rich and famous. My opinion on the book is that you will love the main character's sense of humor. You should definitely read this move you never get tired of reading it.

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