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I am starting this blog for one simple reason. I have too much stuff floating around in my life that I want to record somehow. Also, I use it for school (I am a teacher after all). I've tried other blogging platforms before, and have decided to use Blogger for this current iteration. Here, in no particular order, are some topics you may see on this blog:

  • Classroom: I currently teach 6th grade at Orange Charter School in Hillsborough, NC. I teach 2 sections of Language Arts, 2 sections of Social Studies, and an Elective (currently Genius Hour). I am also the first alumni to return as a full time teacher! In the past I have taught 6th grade Math, Art, Drama, and String Orchestra. I plan on discussing lesson plans, activities, post pictures of the classroom, and having students participate in the website a bit more. Maybe we'll post their videos or they can write guest blog posts. We'll see!
  • Family: I am married to the wonderful Aaron. My husband is a freelance artist and illustrator who runs his own business. Check him out! http://mountainofstrength.net/ He does all kinds of illustrations - book covers, medical illustrations, logos, t-shirts, children's books, portraits, etc. Most of his freelancing is done through Upwork. He is also on Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook. We also have 2 adorable children - Aliana who is currently 2.5 and Ian who is 1 month. And then there's Pepper, our cat. Pictures forthcoming
  • Crafts: I crochet, knit, sew, color, make magnets, embroider, cross stitch, fold paper, make coasters, make cards, make decorations, make jewelry, make wreaths, and make some artwork. I would love to start my own craft business. Let's talk about that.
  • Graduate School: I just enrolled in graduate school! Yikes! I'm hoping to complete coursework and get my Master's of School Administration from UNC-CH. *fingers crossed*
  • Books & Quotes: I love quotes. Maybe it's because I teach Language Arts. (Maybe that's why I teach Language Arts.) I hope to record and share quotes from books I'm reading, including the Bible, that stand out in some way. I also plan on leaving mini book-reviews for novels I read throughout the year. Maybe my students will leave some too!
  • Healthy Living: I just had my second child and I was already overweight before Ian was conceived. I hope to use this blog as an accountability tool to motivate me to start and keep going as I start to workout and lose some weight. I plan on listing goals, pictures, motivational quotes (ha, quotes again), recipes, and other things that help me lose weight, gain muscle, and just overall feel better.
  • Randomness: Anything I didn't cover above? Like memes, my reaction to RhettandLink, movie reviews, my love of renaissance faires? You can find them here.
Come along with me on this merry old adventure!